For more than 25 years, SKALA Architects have provided an innovate and effective physical environment when designing and constructing.

We have gained knowledge and skills that enables us to help everyone, from housing associations to the emerging industry, with the best solutions. With a quarter century of experience, we have tried almost everything.

SKALA Architects are based in the city of Horsens in Eastern Jutland, Denmark. Our experience means that we are constantly learning and constantly strive to learn even more. Today, SKALA Architects primarily target homes, schools, and institutions.

Here, we constantly keep a finger on the pulse, and we do dare to say that we are among Denmark's leading architects in the school and day care centre areas.

We provide reassurance and modern conditions when your new home is in the offing. We provide rooms that constantly adapt the developments.

And we ensure the integration of environmental solutions. That is how we work, and we do think that is the most sensible way. Therefore, we can ensure that not only modern homes, but also modern schools and institutions, are both environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

In close dialogue with citizens, users and the greatest experts in the market, we always ensure that every task is approached with a search for new, innovative solutions.


SKALA Architects employs more than 15 architects, building designers, building economists and administrative staff.

We are a dynamic company, and we believe in the results of great cooperation - both internally and externally.

We strive to improve continuously, and we always assess our teams based on the current project.


We involve our users. We are always in close dialogue with our clients. Citizens, authorities, all kinds of stakeholders get involved in the process. For us, it is a prerequisite for ensuring that we - together - can find the optimal solution.

We prioritize the energy efficient solutions. Based on the most innovate methods, we try to look into the future. We always want the most environmentally sound solution. For us it is a matter of common sense, and this never overrides the creativity or hinders the creation of architecture of highest quality.

We are rooted in Scandinavian traditions of beauty, simplicity, but also functionality. This does not, though, stop our will and desire to constantly explore and experiment.

Our professionalism means that we are always up-to-date on the materials and technical solutions that characterize the future. We always develop by training our employees, providing courses, lectures and internal seminars.

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